• Gary Belzung

Mentors are Hidden Gold

As we close out 2018, and begin looking at the possibilities of our future in 2019 – make it a priority to find at least one person ( 2 would be better) to help you with goal setting, learning what questions to ask, and to understand what you don’t know.   Someone who will work specifically with you for your future benefit.  Someone who can help your chart the most efficient course from point “A” to point “B” in your career and life.  This person is known as a mentor.

A “Mentor” has already walked down the road you find yourself about to embark down, they have been to point “B”.  This person knows where that roads curves, is slippery, and where the danger points are that can stop you from successfully reaching your point “B”.  Let your mentors past history and experience be your crystal ball into what is your future.  Learn from their mistakes.

Or – run into all the roadblocks, potholes and danger points on your own.  Be a “self-made” success, an “I did it my way with no ones help” kind person.  Believe or not, some people really do succeed on their own – but you can count them on one hand.  Most everyone else needs help along the way.  Maybe its just me, but it just seems easier and faster to avoid the problems that lie ahead rather than looking to find help out of the problems after your stuck in the middle of it.  It’s way easier to have the tire store put on a new tire when convenient for you, versus having to find someone to help change a flat on the side of the road when you’re on your way somewhere important.    And you still have to make a trip to the tire store to fix the flat tire anyway…..   Time, time, time – use it wisely, or waste it foolishly.

Your life, your choice.  Choose well, it does make a difference.  Every choice we make has consequences.  And choosing not to choose is in fact a choice, and it carries consequences. 

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