The purpose of a Mastermind Group is to bring together likeminded people who are dedicated and motivated to making effective and lasting changes to their lives in a collective group.  This is where participating in a group study over specific teachings can be so powerful.  When you come together with a group of other like-minded individuals, it can be transformational.  Napoleon Hill referred to these intentional group gatherings of people as Mastermind Groups.  In these gatherings all members are afforded the opportunity to leverage and benefit from the perspective, knowledge and experience of others.  Therefore, there is a big difference between just reading material, and coming together with a group of like-minded individuals and analyzing the principles found in the material.  A Mastermind Group is more than just a study group; it is about applying the concepts, gaining insights and perspectives from others, and leveraging the Coach and other participants for some built in accountability.

Upcoming Mastermind Groups

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