I started my leadership and personal growth journey in 1987 as a youth leader at my church. We organized a youth camp, and it quickly became obvious we needed help in selecting the right team members and we needed some real training materials.  I met John Maxwell at a seminar in the early 90’s and his leadership and team building training was just what we needed to grow our youth leaders. That’s when I started devouring personal growth and leadership materials and I haven’t stopped.  I have attended over 100 seminars and training events as well as studying well over 300 leadership and personal growth books. 


I think every leader wants to make a difference in this world, and over the last 3 decades I have trained, coached, and mentored dozens and dozens of leaders who have, in turn, raised up their own leaders. I became hooked early on with helping emerging leaders learn new skills that catapulted them forward in their careers and personal growth.  Even though I’ve made my living as an Architect since 1975, I’ve made a difference by pouring the leadership knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained over my career into the folks who are moving into a new leadership role.  


Now that I’ve retired from the Architectural world, I’m moving into my last career – doing the thing that brings me the most joy – coaching, training, and mentoring leaders. My legacy will be the leaders that I pour into that go on to raise up more leaders.

My goal is to pour into the generations after me and bring up a new group of leaders to encourage and grow more leaders beyond them.

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